Sexy Ukrainian women became absolute favorites in Eastern European dating. They have all the pros of Slavic beauty and values, but they lack the typical cons of some other nationalities.
So where to meet hot Ukraine ladies for hook ups and marriage? There are so many applications that provide this opportunity, but top dating experts recommend only some of them for the best results.

Most popular Ukrainian dating apps

Kiev girls are healthily selective, but not too demanding. They choose the apps that are well-designed, have a big database of members, most often, even a good dating blog with a lot of info.

App no. 3. UkraineDate

Simple and trendy design, multiple features for each user’s comfort, quick effect, these are the reasons why pretty girls pick this platform. Even Premium Membership is inexpensive so it makes sense.
Yet, it is advised to always ask girls from the start whether they are ready to meet, in order to avoid the scammers or non-serious personals. Real meetings do happen there, so keep on digging.

App no. 2. LovePlanet

This awesome dating app grows much more popular than primitive Mamba or snobby AnastasiaDate. LovePlanet is just for everyone, without setting boundaries, yet there’s some good taste.
The app can be used for free, if to chat with the matches. For contacting non-matches who didn’t like you yet, you should either send them interest or another ice-breaker, or become a paid member.

App no. 1. Brilic

Brilic app is considered the VIP app for elite dating, which is understandable looking at its fine design and innovative features not available on other popular hookup apps. Let’s see what it gives.
A great choice of Ukrainian females and other Eastern European women, since the app has a blog in Russian and automatic translation function for chats. All photos are natural and mostly casual.
The technical support is available 24/7, any suspicious account can be easily reported although the pre-moderation works smoothly and fraudulent personalities simply aren’t allowed in.

How to chat with Ukrainian girls?

Kiev women are very smart, ones of the most educated and intelligent in the world. Please do not underestimate them, start your conversation politely and continue it in a rather refined way.

First greeting

If you can avoid mass winks and automatic introduction messages, do that. Intuitive Ukraine girls immediately feel the false intonation and dislike very shallow impersonalized greetings.
Say something simple yet cordial. The easiest way to establish a trusting atmosphere is to define the time period correctly: if it’s the weekend, ask how it’s going, congratulate her with some holiday.

Online flirting and virtual sex

You will be pleased to know that Ukrainian women readily respond to online flirting and even get naughty quickly, if they like a man. Their ethnic mix makes them very passionate and hot.
That’s why their sincere sexual interest somewhat differs from cold materialistic naughtiness we sometimes observe among Russian online brides. With Kiev girls, we know for sure we’re much desired.
But if you can, try to remain respectful. It’s an art of a seducer. Show her you would really do all that to her if you met in reality, and she’s special to you not just a nameless sexy avatar with big breasts.

Setting up the meeting

On legit dating apps, girls want to meet and can do that. They are not seeking excuses for not coming to the date or disappearing from the horizon at all. Test Ukrainian women and their intentions.
Ask about that to see their reaction, even if your vacation isn’t any soon. Where would they meet and for how long? What is their approximate scenario of this meeting? Do not pressure, but be curious.

Hook ups in Ukraine: what should you know?

Ukraine is still a traditional country, although it looks more modern than Belarus, for example. So, if a girl in Ukraine wants to hook up with you instantly, it doesn’t tell good things about her.
If she does, maybe she’s from the wrong social circle and you should better watch your pockets or health. Or, you’re just handsome as Brad Pitt and she felt under your charm as soon as she saw you.

4 signs Ukrainian girls wants you

Do not miss important signs your Ukraine mate gives to you. Maybe she’s already crazy about you and her good upbringing doesn’t allow her to say this in a very straightforward manner.

Time dedication

Ukrainian women are busy bees, its not in their nature to relax all the time, they’d suffer of such lifestyle. So if she wants to spend 24 / 7 with you, it usually means she is impatient to get intimate.

No personal distance

Each dating expert screams about that: pay attention to a girl’s body language. If she likes to sit next to you, or holds your hands while sitting in front of you, she’s definitely interested sexually.

Playful looks

Remember we told you Ukrainian ladies are passionate? If they want to make love, they start to show this in the most seductive manner by wearing super sexy bras, licking their lips, smiling intimately.

Gifts and surprises

Still have a stereotype that Eastern European women want gifts only? Well Ukraine chicks are an exception, they want a fine man and an intense lover. To get that, they are going to court you too.
Lots of men overlook little souvenirs Ukrainian girls bring to them, but it’s essential to notice. Those are precious hand-made items, bottled veggies they made, even the scarf they knitted.
Be sure these cute old-fashioned signs are all about sex. So do not disappoint your hot Ukrainian beauty and grab her as wildly as you can, especially if she answers with a very long and deep kiss.