Dating a Russian girl or Ukrainian girl: is there any difference?

Millions of men who are into international dating, know that Russian and Ukrainian girls are the best. But they usually think it’s the same thing and only choose to go to Ukraine because of the Black sea and warmer climate. So what is the difference between Russian and Ukrainian?
1. Symbolically, at school books and in other official sources, Russian girls are always pictured as blue-eyed blondes crowned with small-sized wildflowers. While Ukrainian girls are pictured as dark-eyed brunettes with the bright red poppies in their hair. Historically, it’s very correct. Southern Slavic people are more tanned and dark-haired and there are many Ukrainian folk songs describing this type of appearance.
2. Ukrainian people are more emotional. They use gestures, intensive mimics, speak loudly, and in general, can be compared to Italians. Russian girls are mostly calm and reserved. You may quickly see that they react differently to what you say.
3.Sexy Ukrainian women dress elegantly, in a more feminine way even if there are no particular reasons for that like a festive event or going out for a date. You can often see them on high heels and in skirts. As to Russian women, they tend to wear jeans or pantsuits in their daily life. There was a funny moment during a romantic tour for local women and foreign men held in Moscow. One of the girls jumped to another one and shouted joyfully, "Are you from Ukraine too? You wear a skirt!” All other girls wore jeans and were from Russian cities.
4. Due to their emotional, proud, and freedom-loving nature, Ukrainian women tend to be fighters for their rights or whatever. Look at the Ukrainian Maidan Revolution. It’s not the first one and not the last one in their history, and it’s all about the mentality. They simply don’t tolerate the things others do. There are always big demonstrations in Ukraine against something. For sure, the majority of girls have this kind of character too, so one should be careful with his words or actions while dating a Ukrainian beauty.
5. Russian women may have higher salaries even for monotonous jobs, but Ukrainian ladies are more creative and innovative. They are always full of ideas and it cannot remain unnoticed at work. That’s why they are usually rewarded well and express their potential with more success. It adds to their self-confidence.
6. Ukrainian women are more hospitable, like all their families. That’s definitely so. Serving the table for any guest is a cherished tradition. Especially if it’s a potential fiancée. The number and quality of meals they cook for you will remind you of the best Thanksgiving party you ever visited. Oh, if you’re American of course. Russians visit each other with empty hands even if it’s a home of their closest relatives. Such things aren’t possible in Ukraine. And yes, it means you should bring gifts or at least biscuits if you’re going to visit your Ukrainian friends, especially your girlfriend’s parents.
7. Russian girls seek stability while Ukrainian girls seek impressions. Ukraine girl dating means that she wants travelling, new experiences, learning new things with your help, creating an exciting common business with you, and lots of imaginative bright sex! It’s not that Russian beauties don’t want all that; they are just much calmer, and probably less impatient and demanding.
8. You should be prepared for, and accept everything that accompanies that zest for life and a hot temper: jealousy; unpredictable actions; being very straightforward or moody at times; being quite demanding and spontaneous in a bed (guess you don’t mind the last one).
As you can see, life is never boring with a Ukrainian girlfriend! They got this special flame in them, it makes their eyes so sparkling, their laugher infectious, their talk very animated, and their caresses so unforgettable. Sexy Ukrainian women are enthusiastic about just anything and so many-sided that you may need years to discover all their facets.
Another myth is that Ukrainian and Russian languages are the same thing. It’s not. Of course, there are similarities like between Spanish and Catalonian but this comparison is not totally correct. In fact, Ukrainian sounds much more like Polish than Russian, and has lots of international words that can be found in other languages, such as "helicopter”. After the Maidan revolution, Ukrainian philologists continued transforming the language in order to make it more distant from Russian. Many new words appeared mostly taken from the Polish language and adapted. So if you’re going to Ukraine and counting on your good Russian, you may understand nothing. Luckily, the absolute majority of Ukrainian women do understand Russian and can communicate in it, otherwise the translating apps and software are always there to help you. Ukraine girl dating is easy and fun if to know the nuances and follow the common sense.