Ukraine women vs Asian women who a the best wife?
Fond of dark-haired exotic beauties? It’s even better if they have strong family values and a high sex-drive. Then Asian and Ukrainian mail order brides is your choice, since they are so similar.
It will soon be a century since Filipina war brides first entered western families and cities. Then other Asian women shared their destiny and also made the best wives or girlfriends ever.
Ukraine is comparatively new country explored by western travelers, but it is already becoming obvious that hot Ukrainian girls have a lot in common with faithful and exotic Asian women.

Sexy tanned brunette

Not all men love blondes, some prefer girls with black silky hair and dark piercing eyes. Does it sound like your type? Ukrainian women are often depicted like that on their national symbolic.
Although Asian girls in Russia are available too, particularly women in Kirgizia, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, it makes sense to search for this type in beautiful Ukraine too.
Thanks to an intense influence of such ethnic groups as Crimean Tatar, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, and especially Jewish, Ukrainian brides look very exotic and sexy just like Asian ones.
Legendary Ukrainian Cossacks descended from Turks and Tatars, and their gorgeous female offspring still looks breathtaking with their hypnotizing dark brown eyes, alluring and provocative.
Don’t forget that Ukraine is mostly situated on the Black Sea coast, has multiple beaches, and each tenth city is a resort. So it’s normal for Ukrainian girls to look pretty tanned and fit.

Best chefs and delicious cuisine

Let’s not hide, men love eating well and anticipate coming back home from work where awesome home meals are already waiting for them. Both Asian and Ukrainian women are great cooks.
Asian cuisine is the world leader for unusual taste seekers and gourmets. People even travel to Asian solely to try those unique tastes. But the same can be said about Ukraine, it’s unique in a way.
Each Ukrainian bride knows how to cook, and does that with pleasure. It’s a perfect bonus to their sexiness. They combine Mediterranean and Oriental tendencies in their national dishes.
There are over 50 Ukrainian recipes out of such a simple ingredient as potato. Beautiful Ukraine chefs also stuff the veggies a lot, like Bulgarian and Greek people do. Just try their stuffed peppers!

Great family values

Today, not many singles are ready tobind themselves with family obligations, and prefer to just date or hook up casually. Hot Asian and Ukrainian women are great for that too, but they’re best wives.
Why so? Because all Asia, as well as Ukraine, are still patriarchal countries and it won’t change any soon. Girls are raised in these principles and committed to have one partner for life, to cherish him.
It is noticed that Asian women are more submissive and passive, except for Singaporean girls who show quite a strong character. While Ukrainian brides are rather proud and stand for their views.
They make perfect equal partners if provided with good earning opportunities. Yet, they never choose the career over the family, never sacrifice the partnership for getting a profit.
Ukraine women are known for their dedication even to less fortunate husbands and boyfriends. Although always upset with the man’s cheating or his jobless status, they do not initiate the breakup.
Asian girls rarely choose to become step-mothers to western kids, while Ukrainian brides do this all the time and gladly show the warmest cordial hospitality towards their partner’s children.
But it also concerns all other family members of their men. That’s why Ukraine girls are often married with the purpose of free caretaking of westerners’ elderly or disabled parents.
It also explains why women in Ukraine easily accept a man with a big age gap. They love unconditionally, simply because they’re programmed this way, and will admire you anyway.

Best Ukrainian lovers

None wants just a maid or a speechless cook, we seek horny lovers first of all who would drive us crazy day and night. It’s about our human instincts, and basic social needs too so it’s understandable.
Lots of men consider Asian girls the sexiest ones thanks to all exciting and breathtaking practices they perform in a bed. Well, Ukrainian brides are mainly free of taboo too, so you won’t regret meeting them.
Despite their traditional culture, they have always been pursuing free thinking and following their real desires. The feeling of total inner freedom differs Ukrainian beauties from Russian ones.
Not the immorality, but extreme devotion to their beloved makes them so keen on sexual experiments. There’s no such a secret desire of yours they wouldn’t approve or get curious about.

Kinky sex

It’s all fine to crave spicy things from time to time. And this natural wish will be readily shared by hot Ukrainian ladies. Here is just some of the stuff they happen to experiment with.

Mirrors and red lights

Long ago, having sex and observing this process in the mirror reflection was solely the privilege of brothels. Today, each kinky person can add some excitement with the help of mirrors around.
Since Ukraine women are so flawlessly beautiful and fit, they don’t mind at all adding this sexy element to the sex scene. The red illumination lamp is pretty inexpensive and changes the whole thing.

Talking dirty

If you’re into virtual sex with Ukrainian girls, you already know they react positively on this little weakness of all men, dirty talk. If that is combined with a daddy girl roleplay, it’s even better.


This pleasant process can be an innocent part of playful teasing, or a part of quite heavy BDSM. Which do you choose with your stunning Ukraine lover? In any case, it’s very promising and alluring.
Do not miss the opportunity to blindfold your hot girl and surprise her with new sensations she has never had before. Practice it during your open air sex, sex on a balcony, or in any other place you like.