Ukrainian women and how they differ from the city to the city

As you probably know, Ukrainian women are hot enough to catch any man’s attention. Nowadays, they tend to be glamorous and model-looking, even when their budgets are limited. But they differ quite a bit from the city to the city and it’s better to be prepared to that, before traveling to meet them.
The brightest, fanciest and most humorous girls live in Odessa. This city was under the least influence of Soviet Union and it quickly turned into a modern international city. Its beaches allow to see the local beauties in breathtaking bikini, but aside of that, it offers many places to attend. The Odessa girls are relaxed, freedom-loving and quite open-minded about things.
The next comes Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. You will immediately see more grey colors in girls’ clothes comparatively to Odessa. At the same time, girls are getting higher salaries here and often have their own cars or designer clothes. They shall suggest only best restaurants and discos in the city so you should prepare some cash. They are rather selfish than family-oriented but it’s better if you ask about that directly. Another category of girls in Kiev consists of persons originating from villages and countryside around the capital, or from much smaller cities. They mostly speak Ukrainian and not Russian, their clothes are a bit less feminine and demonstrative, and they are a bit less amusing. Oh and much more conservative so you cannot hook up with them.
Nikolaev, Kherson and Kharkov are also famous destinations for dating. These are smaller cities with an atmosphere of Soviet times. The girls there are a bit conservative and even short-minded. They indeed have to survive and want to change their lives as soon as possible. Some think a man’s sponsorship is the best way for that and others seek marriage in order to escape from the country. This last category is very cautious and tends to test your pockets, bank bills and the ownership of the house, before jumping to the relationship. But paradoxically, they make good wives who know how to keep the domesticity and save the budget. That doesn’t sound very romantic or sexy but all Ukrainian girls are good-looking so you might be interested in this "deal”. Dnepropetrovsk is a big city where the girls resemble ladies from Kiev. For some reason, they rarely date online. The city is full of big businessmen and manufacturers so they hunt for husbands on a local level.
We would say that girls from Crimea were the best ones for dating and getting married. And there were many reasons for that but as you know, Crimea became a non-official part of Russia now and traveling there isn’t as comfortable or easy as before.
The girls from Lvov are very big patriots and you have to know that. It shall be the main topic of your conversations. They typically speak Ukrainian and not Russian. Honestly, they do not have a goal to move to another country, but they can if they see the perspective of financial and professional evolving. You might also promise them to visit Ukraine as often as possible and find a Ukrainian diaspora in your country. The Lvov ladies are also good-looking and feminine, sometimes even very much into fashion, but they are far more reserved and practical than girls from the south of Ukraine. In fact, you never know what’s on their mind, although their questions are very straightforward.
Finally, the girls from Donetsk and Lugansk are the most difficult part. Due to the military situation, they aren’t staying in the own city. Instead, they are moving to big cities of Ukraine and Russia so you can meet them there. They meet various challenges such as finding a new home, a new job, and actually starting from zero as most of their belongings were destroyed. For sure they are looking for a good man, but rather a good provider than lover. You should understand that it’s quite risky to even try this kind of partnership.
As you can see, the girls from different Ukrainian cities are quite different too. It’s better not to generalize for 100% but many basic facts remain true. Maybe your own experience will add something new to this brief tutorial.